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Pole Art Spain 2016



Pole Art Spain 2016

For our participants who wish to spend the weekend before the Camp in Mallorca at Pole Art Spain 2016, we offer a special Package:

Tickets for the Pole Arts & the closing Party with 2 nights at the hotel for 200€.

Add 2 Workshops of your choice in Palma during that weekend: 390€ all together.

For more information about Pole Art Spain here.

Books your Pole Art Package per e-mail at

Give them the password “IBIZAPOLECAMP” to secure those packages and let us know your reservation number for a extra 50€ discount on your Pole Camp reservation.


The Pole Art Spain Winner in the category “Elite”

flyer poleartspain 2016




1. Do I have to reserve my hotel by myself?
Yes, this year we realized that it’s cheaper for the participants to book their own hotel online, because those online agencies have better deals than we’ll ever get.
If you want to be with the main group tho, just select the Tropic Garden, that’s where most will be staying.
For more tips regarding your hotel, check under Prices & Booking

2. I’d like to share a room with someone but i’m traveling alone.
We posted the event on Facebook Ibiza Hippie Pole Camp, just write a message there to find a room-mate.
If you don’t have FB, just send us a mail. Maybe we can help you with that.

3. How do I come from the airport?
The address of the studio:
Private Pole Place Ibiza

C/César Puget Riquer, 50
Santa Eularia del Río

– From the airport bus L24 direction Santa Eularia. Stop Es Farallo.
– From Ibiza Town: L13. Stop at terminus Santa Eularia
– At night, take the Disco Bus after 11 pm.

4. When do i have to be there on the arrival date?
First day classes for all packages will be in the afternoon starting at approx. 2pm but the get together meeting with drinks and information will take place at 1pm at the studio. Try to be there on time.

5. Which date/time is best to book our return flight?
We always tell our girls to stay until sunday night or monday morning if they want to go to the sunset beach with the drums but if you don’t, most classes are finishing on sunday around 4 pm.



How do I get online in Ibiza?
In Spain, each Hotel, Bar or restaurant has a free WiFi.
However, hotels are not always equipped for the amount of connections per day and I wouldn’t rely on it.
We have a free WiFi in the studio in any case.



1.I am bringing a non poling friend, can he/she participate on the excursion and extra activities?
Yes, of course – Some activities are free, here the price list for last minute booking or extra booking of the others:

  • Boat-trip to Formentera including Lunch and Sangria – 85€
  • Walk throught the mountains to Godess Tanit’s Cave – 10€
  • Disco Ticket for 40€ instead of 53€ (regular price)
  • Acro Yoga Class 15€
  • Pole Dinner & Show 55€ – 3 course menu, also for special diets.

2.I am a local and I am only interested in the classes, do I get a different price when I don´t attend the extra activities?
Yes, if you present us your residencia papers, you get a 100€ discount.
If you’re a member of Private Pole Place Ibiza, you get a bigger discount, talk with Michi about it.
3.How much training will there be?

  • 2 hours of Pole Training per day (expect on break day and on the aerial day) – in total 10h
  • 2 hours  aerial class on Wednesday (depending which package you’ve booked)
  • 2 x 2 hours of Acro Yoga (or 1x , depending which package you’ve booked).
  • Private lessons will be available in all disciplines from all our guest instructors (not included in packages)
    Price: 120€/hour unless you are more than one, then talk directly to the instructor.

4. What do I need to bring with me?

  • Short sport outfit for Pole classes
  • Leggings for aerial class
  • Party outfit for the Pole Dinner
  • Depending on your package:
    outfits for the Pole Photo-shooting
    70’s Costume for the Flower power (can also be found at the Hippie Market).



1.Until which date can i book this camp?
There is no limit for booking the camp as long as they are spaces available.
Make sure to transfer at least half of the payment to secure your booking.

2. Can I pay with Credit Card or Paypal?
When you click on our “Book now” button, you are automatically re-routed to our online shop. just follow the steps there for a paypal option. We are currently working on a credit card option, we’ll let you know when it’s possible.
If you select Paypal, make sure that you cover their fee.

3.Can I also pay by bank transfer if I don’t have Paypal?
Yes, it’s not a problem. We first need you to write us the details of your reservation per e-mail (check under booking) and make sure that the international transfer charges or exchange rate fees are paid from your side.

4. Can I pay in two rates?
yes, it’s possible up to 8 weeks before the camp. We need your second payment secured at least 4 weeks before the camp starts.

5.Will there be any extra costs that i should be aware of?
Depending if your hotel room has a kitchen or not, probably food or restaurants.
Shopping is also a very easy occurrence here. Be aware that Disco Tickets & drinks are quite expensive in Ibiza.
Just check with us for those, our team has great contacts for cheaper tickets in almost all the clubs.
If you booked the “Just Dance” Package, you may also choose to attend one or the other activity as an extra.
those can be booked last minute there, if there’s enough space available.

Check your level



We’re making different groups based on your skills.

To determine your level, here are some pointers:

Beginners: Students who are able to climb, sit and  know basic spins on the pole. Basic grips & basic invert.

Figures/Spins MASTERED: Fireman, Martini Glass, Chair Spin, Crucifix, Sit on Pole, Inverted V, Sunwheeled Spins in both directions.
-> Working on: Leg hooks (outside & inside).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Intermediate: Solid invertion (no jumping), solid inside & outside leg hook, regular & reverse spins, shouldermount, full bracket spins and combinations of at least 3 spins without toucing the floor. Students should be able to mix 3 to 4 moves/figures without touching the foor.

Figures/Spins MASTERED: Butterfly, Superman, Shouldermount, Outside & Inside Leg Hook, Brass Monkey, Ice Skater/Cupid, Peter Pan, Cradle, Back and Front Hook Spin, Carrousel Spin, Front & Reverse Sunwheel Spin.
-> Working on: Handsprings.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Advanced: Solid Shouldermount and Handspring, Elbow grips, Jade Split, Inverted Climbs. Students should be able to mix a minimum of 5 moves on the pole without touching the floor. Spinning Pole previous work.

Figures/Spins MASTERED: Ayesha, Handspring (diferent grips), Caterpillar, Janeiro.
-> Working on: Iron X, Dead lifts, Planks, Phoenix.

Please precise your skills while booking.

Food & Drinks


Ibiza Harbor:

On both sides of Ibiza harbor, you can find all kinds of restaurants and pubs from cheap to classy.

In Marina Botafoc, find a snack or a drink in the Capuccino Café. As for food, a lot of restaurants there but a bit pricey.

Our favorite the Sushi Point: asian food and great cocktails with a DJ mixing all night live.

In the old harbor, at the foot of the old town, better go for a drink in one of the bars, the show is everywhere on the street right in front of you.

You can even find a few poles on the terraces like at the Foly’s – this is also the place where we get our disco tickets, btw…

2 favorites there for food: the Formentera for its amazing Paella and the San Telmo for Hot Fudge Chocolate & Orange Crepes.


Special insider tips:

La Brasa:

Near Plaza del Parque in Ibiza Town, a beautiful garden with a wooden grill.


El Zaguan:

Directly at the exit of Eivissa Harbour, this is a little Tapas place very friendly and typically local.

Great for snacks or big meals with a group.



On Figueretas promenade, a fusion cuisine of Spanish and Balinese food.

Low prices and great cocktails.

Even a “polable” roof…


the Talamanca:

Little Tapas bar on the beach, directly next to the hotel (5 min walk).

Very friendly atmosphere for a snack nearby.
Bambuddha Groove:

On the road of San Juan, in a middle of a bamboo forest, enjoy Asian fusion cuisine in a lounge atmosphere.

Classy dress code required.


Casa Colonial:

On the road of Santa Eularia on top of a hill, the most romantic French restaurant of the island.

Have some food in a flowery garden with candle lights.



Lost in the Ibizenco country side, a high-class spa and restaurant, huge gardens, cocktail bar and exquisite food.

A full meal might be a bit more expensive but the fresh squeezed cocktails and the beauty of the view make the drive worth it…


El Ayoun:

1001 nights atmosphere with fine food, a club and good music.

Little plus: they have 2 poles!

Prices a bit expensive though… Classy dress code once again.

Insider Tips


The best shopping locations are situated in Ibiza center or in San Antonio.

Around the harbor and in the old town.

For beach towels and tourists accessories, better hit Playa dem Bossa.


Hippie Markets


Es Canar:
After Santa Eularia on the coast, each Wednesday 9 am to 6pm.

Buses and Ferries from Ibiza town to get there.

Las Dalias:
On Monday nights and Saturday all day in San Carles.
Wednesdays, hippie party “Namaste” with live music and shows in the gardens, Entrance & Menu 45€. Entrance after 11pm: 20€.

Let us know for reservations.


Sundays @Benirras:

Every Sunday, all the drummers of the island meet up at Benirras Beach in the north and play until the sun is down.

Fire performers and musicians perform for the beach clubs too.

Benirras is a regular beach with a great view and a few beach restaurants. It is almost impossible to go down with your car after 3pm but there’s a bus to the parking lot on top of the hill.

Medieval Week:

Our Spring Pole Camp is sometimes taking place during the same week as the medieval festival in Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza.

Shops and food stands flourish on the narrow streets, musician and performers at every corner.


For more info or tips, our favorite guide at the moment: IBIZA Spotlight



Near the airport, the most famous beach on music videos, long sandy with a nude area on the left (after a bit of walking) and nice beach clubs.

Cafe del Mar:
Near San Antonio City, very famous for its Sunset on the see and its lounge DJs.

Playa dem Bossa:
Between Salinas and Ibiza Town, the famous party area of Ushuaïa, Bora Bora, Space and other daily clubbing on the beach…

This is the beach under the hotel. If you follow it to the right, you’ll find a bunch of poles for pictures before arriving at Ibiza Harbor and the city.
If you follow the coast to the left, there is a restaurant on the rocks and you can try cave hunting (ask us for details when you get there).

Cala D’hort:
North-West, near San Josep, the most beautiful view of es Vedra Island and a great place for Paella and fresh Lobsters.

Aguas Blancas: 
East, after Santa Eularia, the “Mud beach”: a long sandy beach with clay oozing from the cliffs. Bring a spoon and a bottle of water to get the best bodypaint of your life…

North after San Miguel, the weekly Sunday-night drummer’s party. All the drums of the island meet there to play until the sun sets. Be there before 3pm if you want to find a parking space.


The nearby island, you can see it from Ibiza. Boats and ferries are driving back and forth all day.

It’s in our program each year during the summer camp to hop over and spend the day in its crystal turquoise waters.




The picturesque island of Ibiza belongs to the Baleares and offers a beautifully mild to hot climate, which puts it on the map for sun seekers.

With 210km of coastline you are sure to find your spot at the sea, no matter if you prefer long sandy beaches or rugged secluded bays. The inward landscape is dominated by gentle rolling hills and dotted with homesteads and fincas.


– In the 1960s Ibiza was popular with escapists and hippies, which still adds a certain atmosphere to the island.

You can find hippie beaches, markets and even communities in the north of the island.

And every sunday night, the drums are playing for the sunset in Benirras beach.


– Since the 1990s clubs and discos with famous DJs built up a world reputation. Half of the island is grounded with party tourists from June till September.

The opening and closing parties of the different clubs are one of the highlights of the summer.

For the full moon party, these cultures merge together to create something uniquely “Ibizenco”.


Beach parties are also common all day long, especially in Playa dem Bossa, where most beach clubs can be found lining up on the shore.


We tried to sum up some tips on this page, feel free to look around….


Prices and Booking

Prices and Booking



Hippie Summer Pole Camp:

Discover Ibiza Package
Just dance Package- classes only 490€
Just dance Ibizenco – classes only, for Residents 390€
The prices are per person – bank commissions excluded

Find the complete Program HERE


Discover Ibiza Package

  • A welcome cocktail
  • 10h pole classes
  • 2h Aerial class
  • 4h Acro Yoga class (2h by Sunset on the beach)
  •  Dinner-show in the Somiart in Santa Eularia – 3 courses menu with live performances and free access to the Pole/Hoop/Silk at the end for souvenir pictures in your evening dress.
  •  Boat trip to Formentera incl. lunch & Photo-Shoot on the nicest beach in Mediteranean Sea.
  •  Trecking Tour in the north mountain’s forest to Tanit’s Cave with a guide specialized in local legends.
  • access to all the extra free activities

Just Dance Package – only classes

  • A welcome cocktail
  • 10h pole classes
  • 2h Aerial class or 2h Acro Yoga class to your choice.
  • access to all the extra free activities.

Group Package

Special Deal for Pole Studios – please contact us for details:


Just Dance Ibizenco – only classes for residents

  • A welcome cocktail
  • 10h pole classes
  • 2h Aerial class or 2h AcroYoga class to your choice
  • be aware to send us a copy of your “residencia” or DNI when booking.
  • members of the Private Pole Place Studio, please talk with Michi.

Optional bookings:

  • Add more classes  2h class = 60€.
  • Private class 120€/hour
  • The Pole Party for extra friends: the Pole Party Dinner for 55€/pers..
  • Late booking (from August 15st): 100€ extra fee.


This is an exclusive Camp, we only take maximum 2 students per pole.

Just few free places available!

Beginner Class: 12 free places
Intermediate: 12 free places
Advanced: 12 free places

Bookings open!booknow


Booking Information:


To sign up for this week full of fun and pole we need:

  • Your first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Which package you want to book
  • Level of Poleskills (beginner, intermediate or advanced – check your level hier)


Payment can be done in two rates.
50% is necessary to secure the booking. the other half has to be paid at least 4 weeks before the day of departure.

We accept Paypal and bank transfers.



This year, we are booking your hotel  ONLY on request. It is NOT included in your package.

We can not compete with the prices you can find online including flight, hotel & food, so we though it better to give you suggestions instead.

The closest Hotel to the Pole Studio is the ****Hotel Tropic Garden.

We’ve been staying here before and it has a pool on the beach, a spa, a fitness room, massage and a kitchen in each room.

The team & trainers will be staying there this year again.

DO NOTICE that in Ibiza booking a double room is often cheaper than a single, so give both a try during your search.

If you need a room mate, we may be able to help you, just let us know by booking.

Altenatively, here a few other choices:

In Santa Eularia (where the classes are taking place), from Cheap to Luxury around the studio:

*Niko Appartment – Hostel with shared rooms & kitchen

Ibiza Party Camp – camping Cala Nova

Camping Es Cana – Camping with Wooden sheds & Tipis

**Casa Luis Appartamientos – Appartments with kitchen

**Fairy Hotel Ciel Azul – appartments with kitchen & pool.

They have a LED stargate at the pool and a Platinum Stage! See pictures from last year…

****Grupotel Santa Eularia & Spa – Adults only

****Hotel Tres Torres – a bit closer to city center

***Catalonia Ses Estaques – Adults only

****Sol Beach House – directly at the Harbor

*****Aguas de Ibiza – Luxury Spa Hotel


More choices on :

Air BnB

A lot of online agencies offer flight + hotel (eventually +car rental) for very good prices.

Let us know if you need any help for that.


Travel, Flights & Insurances:

Flights and travel are NOT included in the packages.
There are many airlines flying to Ibiza (there is only one airport on the island Ibiza Airport- IBZ for short)
Please make your own arrangements for travel, and you must have a valid travel insurance to participate in the pole classes and other activities.

From the Airport to Santa Eularia, there is 15km.

You can take the bus (30-40 min depending on traffic) L24 – stop in Santa Eularia – price 4€.

The taxi be will closer to 20-30€.



Hippie Summer Pole Camp 2016

Hippie Summer Pole Camp 2016


Hippie Summer Pole Camp 2016

Spend a week of fun, beach and pole with us !!

Dates:  September 19th to 25th 2016



  • Sasja Lee

2013 California Pole Dance Champion
2013 California Pole Dance “most athletic”
2014 National Aerial Pole Art Champion
2014 National Aerial Pole Art “most artistic”
2014 National Aerial Pole Art “highest overall score”
2014 Ink-n-Iron Champion
Principle cast member Girl Next Door-a pole dance soirée
Cast member SEVEN


  • Phoenix Kazree

2011 California Pole Dance Champion
2011 – 2012 American Pole Fitness Championships – 2nd place winner
2014 Pole Stars Championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1st Runner Up
2015 PanAmerican Pole Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Vice Champion Female Professional
2015 Pole Art Italy – Female Elite Champion


  • Gui Wandresen

2013 Pole Dance Spain 1st Place
2013 Pole Dance France – 1st Place
2013 European Pole Dance Championship – 1st Place
2013 Winner of Pole Stars 2013

2015 Pole Art Spain – 2nd Place

  • Olas Jas

Thai massage & AcroYoga
Benirras Beach – AcroYoga Ibiza


Ola 3


Program of the week:


Arrival: September 19th – be here before 1pm.



The welcome drink will take place at 1pm in the Studio.

Pole Dance classes with Phoenix Kazree in the afternoon/evening

Flower Power Party in PachaDSC_0017web



Morning Pole Dance classes with Phoenix Kazree

Mountain Walk to Tanit’s Cave with legends of Ibiza.

Acroyoga Class with Ola Jas



Outdoor Aerial Classes with Gui Wandresen

(if case of bad weather, indoor Pole Class)

Hippie Market in Es Canar – open all day




Break day

Boat trip to Formentera island with Beach Pole Photo-shooting

David Guetta “F*** Me, I’m Famous” in Pacha



Afternoon Pole Classes with Sasja Lee

Evening: Acro Yoga class on the drummer’s beach in Benirras by Sunset with Ola Jas.



Morning Pole Classes with Sasja Lee

Hippie Market in Las Dalias

Pole Dinner & Show in Somiart, Santa Eularia



Morning Pole Classes with Gui Wandresen

Sunset in Benirras with Drums and Fire performances


Departure: Semptember 25th – classes finish around 4pm.

If you wish to join us for the Drummer’s sunset in Benirras Beach, take a night flight or stay until Monday morning.
See you soon on sunny island!!