1. Do I have to reserve my hotel by myself?
Yes, this year we realized that it’s cheaper for the participants to book their own hotel online, because those online agencies have better deals than we’ll ever get.
If you want to be with the main group tho, just select the Tropic Garden, that’s where most will be staying.
For more tips regarding your hotel, check under Prices & Booking

2. I’d like to share a room with someone but i’m traveling alone.
We posted the event on Facebook Ibiza Hippie Pole Camp, just write a message there to find a room-mate.
If you don’t have FB, just send us a mail. Maybe we can help you with that.

3. How do I come from the airport?
The address of the studio:
Private Pole Place Ibiza

C/César Puget Riquer, 50
Santa Eularia del Río

– From the airport bus L24 direction Santa Eularia. Stop Es Farallo.
– From Ibiza Town: L13. Stop at terminus Santa Eularia
– At night, take the Disco Bus after 11 pm.

4. When do i have to be there on the arrival date?
First day classes for all packages will be in the afternoon starting at approx. 2pm but the get together meeting with drinks and information will take place at 1pm at the studio. Try to be there on time.

5. Which date/time is best to book our return flight?
We always tell our girls to stay until sunday night or monday morning if they want to go to the sunset beach with the drums but if you don’t, most classes are finishing on sunday around 4 pm.



How do I get online in Ibiza?
In Spain, each Hotel, Bar or restaurant has a free WiFi.
However, hotels are not always equipped for the amount of connections per day and I wouldn’t rely on it.
We have a free WiFi in the studio in any case.



1.I am bringing a non poling friend, can he/she participate on the excursion and extra activities?
Yes, of course – Some activities are free, here the price list for last minute booking or extra booking of the others:

  • Boat-trip to Formentera including Lunch and Sangria – 85€
  • Walk throught the mountains to Godess Tanit’s Cave – 10€
  • Disco Ticket for 40€ instead of 53€ (regular price)
  • Acro Yoga Class 15€
  • Pole Dinner & Show 55€ – 3 course menu, also for special diets.

2.I am a local and I am only interested in the classes, do I get a different price when I don´t attend the extra activities?
Yes, if you present us your residencia papers, you get a 100€ discount.
If you’re a member of Private Pole Place Ibiza, you get a bigger discount, talk with Michi about it.
3.How much training will there be?

  • 2 hours of Pole Training per day (expect on break day and on the aerial day) – in total 10h
  • 2 hours  aerial class on Wednesday (depending which package you’ve booked)
  • 2 x 2 hours of Acro Yoga (or 1x , depending which package you’ve booked).
  • Private lessons will be available in all disciplines from all our guest instructors (not included in packages)
    Price: 120€/hour unless you are more than one, then talk directly to the instructor.

4. What do I need to bring with me?

  • Short sport outfit for Pole classes
  • Leggings for aerial class
  • Party outfit for the Pole Dinner
  • Depending on your package:
    outfits for the Pole Photo-shooting
    70’s Costume for the Flower power (can also be found at the Hippie Market).



1.Until which date can i book this camp?
There is no limit for booking the camp as long as they are spaces available.
Make sure to transfer at least half of the payment to secure your booking.

2. Can I pay with Credit Card or Paypal?
When you click on our “Book now” button, you are automatically re-routed to our online shop. just follow the steps there for a paypal option. We are currently working on a credit card option, we’ll let you know when it’s possible.
If you select Paypal, make sure that you cover their fee.

3.Can I also pay by bank transfer if I don’t have Paypal?
Yes, it’s not a problem. We first need you to write us the details of your reservation per e-mail (check under booking) and make sure that the international transfer charges or exchange rate fees are paid from your side.

4. Can I pay in two rates?
yes, it’s possible up to 8 weeks before the camp. We need your second payment secured at least 4 weeks before the camp starts.

5.Will there be any extra costs that i should be aware of?
Depending if your hotel room has a kitchen or not, probably food or restaurants.
Shopping is also a very easy occurrence here. Be aware that Disco Tickets & drinks are quite expensive in Ibiza.
Just check with us for those, our team has great contacts for cheaper tickets in almost all the clubs.
If you booked the “Just Dance” Package, you may also choose to attend one or the other activity as an extra.
those can be booked last minute there, if there’s enough space available.