1. Do I have to reserve my hotel by myself?
The classes are taking place in the hotel Ciel Azul in Cala Martina and we booked the full hotel for our group. Just let us know what kind of room you need (shared with someone else, alone in a room or alone in a full apartment.
If you are traveling longer in Ibiza and bringing a boyfriend, it might be more interesting for you to book your own place, just try to be nearby, it’s easier to join activities and outings.

2. I’d like to share a room with someone but i’m traveling alone.
If you don’t have a roommate to travel with, we will find one for you. We mostly try to put you with someone speaking your language if possible.

3. How do I come from the airport?
For the Address, give Hotel Ciel Azul in Cala Martina.
the fare is between 25-35€ depending what time you are landing.

– From the airport bus L24 direction Es Canar. Stop Cala Pada/Cala Martina.
– From Ibiza Town: L13. Stop at terminus Santa Eularia
– At night, take the Disco Bus after 11 pm at Cala Martina.
The bus stop is about 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel.

4. When do I have to be there on the arrival date?
First day classes for all packages will be in the afternoon starting at approx. 1pm but the get together meeting with drinks and information will take place at 12:00 at the hotel pool. Try to be there on time.

5. Which date/time is best to book our return flight?
Most classes finish on Sunday around 5 pm. This year we added an extra water relaxation session at the beach in Benirras before the sunset with the drums.
For those who stay on Monday as well, we will take a boat trip to Formentera from 11:00-17:00 with the Porto Petro. It’s a private boat with lots of poles in it. Lunch is included and they is a place to leave your suitcase near the harbour if needed.


How do I get online in Ibiza?
In Spain, each Hotel, Bar or restaurant has a free WiFi.
However, hotels are not always equipped for the amount of connections per day and I wouldn’t rely on it.
We have a free WiFi at the hotel Pool in any case.

How do I get around on the island?
Ibiza is about 50 km long, it can take an hour drive to go somewhere.
There is a bus system, with one bus per hour mostly during the day time.
There are scooter or car rentals that propose very good deals online.
We always advise to rent one with your local roommates and share the driving, so it’s not always the same person responsible for the group.
You will need a transportation for clubbing and for certain activities like the hiking tour or the trip to Benirras.


1.I am bringing a non poling friend, can he/she participate on the excursion and extra activities?
Yes, of course – Some activities are free, here the price list for last minute booking or extra booking of the others:

  • Boat-trip to Formentera including Lunch and Sangria – 85€
  • Walk throught the mountains to Godess Tanit’s Cave – 10€ for the guide
  • Disco Ticket for 40€ instead of 53€ (regular price)
  • Acro Yoga Class 15€
  • Pole Dinner & Show 99€ – 3 course menu including soft drinks & 1/4l wine per person. the menu is also accessible for special diets, just let us know.

2.I am a local and I am only interested in the classes, do I get a different price when I don´t attend the extra activities?
Yes, if you present us your Ibiza residencia papers, you get a 100€ discount on the class pass.

3.How much training will there be?

  • we’re training from Thursday to Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 indoors and have a few more beach activities in the evening as follow
    – 2 Pole Dance workshops (2 – 3 groups depending on your level)
    – 2 Exotic Pole workshops
    – 2 Burlesque workshops
    – 1 Acroyoga Beach workshop
    – 1 Thai Massage workshop
    – 1 Water Relaxation workshop at the beach
    – 1 Meditation Stretching outdoor workshop
  • Private lessons will be available in all disciplines from all our guest instructors (not included in packages)
    Price: 80€/hour unless you are more than one, then talk directly to the instructor.

4. What do I need to bring with me?

  • Short sport outfit for Pole classes and grip product
  • High Heels for Burlesque & Exotic
  • Party outfit for the Pole Dinner
  • Depending on your package:
    Outfits for the Pole Photo-shooting (bring a choice of 2-3, we are using day light and sea background this year)


1.Until which date can i book this camp?
There is no limit for booking the camp as long as they are spaces available.
Just it might be really difficult to reach us the week before the camp, so try to book before that.

2. Can I pay with Credit Card or Paypal?
Yes, you can book your space and package directly online on the event page. We use PayPal as our payment provider, but you can also pay with a credit card without having a PayPal account. For online payments, a PayPal fee of 3% is added during checkout.

3. Can I pay in two rates?
yes, it’s possible up to 8 weeks before the camp. We are asking for 200€ reservation fee when you book. the rest should be paid lately on April 1st.

4.Will there be any extra costs that i should be aware of?
Your apartment has a kitchen, so you can cook there if you wish (the fridge is quite small tho and to share with your flatmates) but we might be going out as well, so probably food, drinks or clubs.
Shopping is also a very easy occurrence here, especially the Hippie Market.
Meanwhile you can pay with a card almost everywhere on the island.

Be aware that Disco Tickets & drinks are quite expensive in Ibiza.
Just check with us for those, our team has great contacts for cheaper tickets in almost all the clubs.

We recommand as well to book a transportation, as the island is quite big and you might need to to join certain activities. Scooter and car rentals are mostly cheaper online than directly there.
You can arrange that with your flatmates as well for a cheaper deal.
Our WhatsApp group is great for organising such things in advance.