Model Camp 2016


The modelling industry is much more open to different types today than ever before. With the
Influence of social media appeal, agencies are not just looking at a models type, height, and
Measurements, but performance and popularity.

Being a Model is about more than how you look, but your ability to perform in front of the camera, and produce good photos. Learning how to pose and use your face, awareness of your body, and knowledge of how the camera sees you, are vital for booking jobs and making the client want to book you again, the techniques you learn in Modelling Bootcamp will not only make you a better model, but help you look good in any photo you are in.

Learn to look your best, build your modelling technique, and self-confidence and portfolio that could launch you into the carrier that dreams are made of.

In 2015 we offered our modelling workshop in combination with Ibiza Pole Camp, and the results were amazing. The participants were thrilled to see how what they learned helped them with their photos, pole dancing, and most of all boosted their self-confidence and awareness.

Modelling Workshops by Flash Avenue Studio London gives you the opportunity to learn from international fashion industry professionals how to pose, use your face, walk, apply makeup, styling and fitness tips while participating in exciting daily photo shoots.


Model Camp 2016